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Dating old kerr jars

Some historians suggest that the term "white lightning" may have been inspired not only from the effect of ingesting homemade corn whiskey but by the name of the jars the whiskey was frequently stored in.

These familiar jars with their glass lids and wire bales are still found in novelty stores today.

1920 Hazel Atlas Company (1902-1964) -12.00 Aqua Ball Quart, Shoulder Seal, c.1900-1910 “Triple L” Large Seeds -18.00 Aqua Ball Mason 1/2 Gallon, Shoulder Seal, c. Patent Filed Pint, “Putnam” embossed on bottom -20.00 Aqua Ball Ideal Pint, Lightning Seal, c.1910-1923 -30.00 Aqua Ball Perfect Mason 1/2 Gallon, Bead or Ledge Shoulder, c. 1900-1910 Triple L -12.00 Ball Ideal 1/2 Pint, Clear, Lightning Seal, c.-15.00 Atlas E-Z Seal Quart, Clear, Lightning Seal, C.Originally when jars were blown by hand, the number represented a specific glass blower and his team. glassblower #3 made 200 jars that day and he and his team therefore gets paid X number of dollars at X cents per jar produced.At the end of the day the blower and his team would get paid for the amount of jars they produced as determined by the number of jars made with a given number on them. Later, when glass making went to machine the numbers represented the mold or machine the jar was made from (usually 4-8 molds per machine or one to several machines per factory.) That way the plant manager could check quality control, production, etc.

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There were some reproduction amber Lightning jars from Taiwan produced in the 1980s.

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